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 The World’s First AI-Based Startup Evaluation Tool:

AI Pitch Deck & Video Analysis

Ramp up your dealflow quantity and quality.

Coachability Curve Index

How coachable is your entrepreneur?

Haystax GPT Judge

Use Chat GPT as your “13th Judge.”

Prescreen Scoring Tool

Save time & resources. Scale your workflow.

Haystax takes a “Moneyball” data driven approach to evaluate early stage startups. It predicts a startup’s probability of receiving capital with 90% accuracy using ML on our historical database of 80,000 datapoints and our proven Capital Readiness Rubric.

Who Benefits From Haystax?


As a disruptive technology, Haystax will increase the both the quantity and quality of your dealflow that fits your investment thesis.  It provides independent, objective 3rd party validation of a startup’s fundability. 

Haystax can be used by VCs, CVCs, Fund Managers, Angels Groups, Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. 


Haystax will allow to you easily manage your pipeline of startups, saving you time and resources, while scaling your workflow.  It provides a consistent backdrop to analyze the health, maturity and velocity of your startups.

Haystax can be used by incubators, accelerators and  technology transfer offices for fast pitch competitions, demo days, and the first due diligence meeting.


Assess your capital readiness and connect your startup to the right investors matching you to their investor thesis, based on the methodology of an award winning accelerator.

Haystax is ideal at evaluating startups who are seeking bridge, pre-seed, seed and Series A rounds of funding. Haystax provides objective validation of your startup that can give a potential investor the proof points needed to be a lead investor.

"Haystax has become a fundamental tool for our incubator program. Haystax is invaluable in supporting us guide every startup in our incubator program to be fully prepared to pitch to angel investors. For example, we showed one of our startups their Coachability Curve Index insightfully highlighting areas of improvement. They made adjustments to their pitch and they ended up winning AngelCon earning a $100k prize!"

Judy Mahan
Economic Development Director, Cal Poly CIE SBDC