Capital Predict Analytics

Our Capital Predict Analytics product starkly compares your startup against all companies in the Haystax database, but most importantly, the elite funded companies in your industry. Haystax’s machine learning algorithms use 80,000 data points to derive insights and predictions.  It provides feedback in a quantitative, non-emotional,  and unequivocal manner, moving the Founder to action.

Coachability Curve Index

A startup will only go as far as the coachability of its Founder.  Haystax is the only startup evaluation tool that assesses the Entrepreneur’s self-perception of the startup.  It will inform you of how grounded the entrepreneur is in reality.  This is critical information for all parties involved. 


It uses the “wisdom of the crowd” or the “power of the mean” to provide a more reliable score.

It provides a Founder Self-Assessment to determine if the Founder is aligned to reality.

It provides a relative ranking against a few hundred startups in our database from similar sectors both funded and non-funded.

It provides intuitive visualizations to easily digest the voluminous data.

Capital Predict Score

Based on over 80,000 data points collected on startups over the last decade, Haystax will provide a Capital Predict Score on the startup’s fundability with 90% accuracy.  Most importantly, it will prescribe recommended areas of improvement that will “move the needle” on the startup’s capital readiness.