AI Pitch Video Analysis

Our AI Pitch Video Analysis tool “digitally cracks” a video, deconstructs every data element from it, and makes an early fundability prediction.  This disruptive technology will open up the aperture of your pipeline increasing the quantity of your dealflow while simultaneously increasing the quality of your dealflow.  This will save you time and resources, while scaling your workflow.  It also can assess the human judge sentiment on an individual and group basis, vital information for all parties involved. 

Haystax GPT Judge

Haystax is the only startup evaluation SaaS that uses Generative AI as a decision support tool which can serve as a “13th Judge”, supplementing the human judge consensus.  This tool will ensure that every detail of the pitch is considering in the assessment and that minimize “blind spots”.

Coachability Curve Index

A startup will only go as far as the coachability of its Founder.  Haystax is the only startup evaluation tool that assesses the Entrepreneur’s self-perception of the startup.  It will inform you of how grounded the entrepreneur is in reality.  This is critical information for all parties involved. 

Pre-Screen Scoring Tool

Our Pre-Screen Scoring Tool rates a startup’s profile based on the strength of their application saving you time and resources, while scaling your workflow.  Our proprietary algorithm divides the startups into quartiles reflected by an intuitive, color-coded symbol and percentile score.  This decision support tool will enable you to identify, accelerate and bet on the “early winners”, while wisely spending time on the others. 

Learn more about our Beta Customer Program
Our Beta Customer Program is intended for those customers who would like the opportunity to shape the direction of Haystax. It is limited to 2-3 customers in each segment.

Beta Customers will receive white glove support. We will train you and join your first few pitch events to ensure there are no technical issues. At least 2 formal feedback meetings will be scheduled during the Beta program.

Beta customers must be willing to be patient and provide feedback in a constructive manner. Beta customers must be willing to give a video testimonial, be a reference and case study.