Haystax Platform

Haystax a decision intelligence tool that provides predictive insights into startups, an area where there is typically a vacuum of data.
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Bring Your Own Criteria

Haystax was designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. It can accommodate any criteria that is specific to industry, product attributes, innovation theme or even medical specialties. Use our world class Capital Readiness Rubric or Bring Your Own Criteria (BYOC)!

Haystax has a best of breed industry taxonomy to more accurately match a startup to an investor’s thesis.

Designed With 3 Personas In Mind

At Haystax, we’ve seen thousands of pitches and assisted those startups with their capital readiness. Those companies have raised over $4.3B in revenue and had over $3.5B in exits (IPOs, M&As), while 82% remain operational to date.

So we designed Haystax with 3 personas in mind: the Host, the Presenter and the Judge. Each persona has specific functionality.

Learn more about our Beta Customer Program
Our Beta Customer Program is intended for those customers who would like the opportunity to shape the direction of Haystax. It is limited to 2-3 customers in each segment.

Beta Customers will receive white glove support. We will train you and join your first few pitch events to ensure there are no technical issues. At least 2 formal feedback meetings will be scheduled during the Beta program.

Beta customers must be willing to be patient and provide feedback in a constructive manner. Beta customers must be willing to give a video testimonial, be a reference and case study.